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@Eren's POV

"Levi" I smiled as he continued to press kisses to jaw and neck. "Yes" he mumbled through the kisses. I shoved him a little, "When I say your name. I mean for you to stop and pay attention to me." 

I could feel his grin against my neck, "Oh but I am." I snorted at his response and pushed him away again. "I'm being serious Levi." He smiled as his hand rested on my thigh. "Okay I'm listening." I swatted away his hand away.  

"Okay Levi serious talk." He nodded and met his eyes to make sure he was paying attention. "I'm being serious." I sighed relieved he was listening. "Levi did you ever actually stop smoking?" He groaned and rested his head against shoulder. 

"Not this again Eren. We've already been over this again." I could feel my eyebrows scrunch together in annoyance. "Levi just answer the question." 

He took my hand into his, "I only smoked this one time okay." I crossed my arms and heaved, "Levi you know how I feel about it." He nodded as he cupped my face and lo...

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I wonder what was wrong in their relationship! They're PERFECT together!!!!
OMG! There's a FLASHBACK!!! This forbidden love is gonna be great right? Right? No... I guess you all hate Erwin now.... Um... OK! I-It's not like I enjoy it! (I'm such an awkward person!!!!)
UGudBro UGudBro Jun 14
I got arrested for beating an old man. 
                              He tried to rob me.
                              It was only for a few weeks
That's too sad... Even a horse face shouldn't be treated like that! Poor Jean!!! *crys* T^T
-cakeu- -cakeu- Jun 11
Did they get caught cleaning the bathroom in the middle of class?
I actually kinda like that Ship... ErwinXLevi... PLEASE DONT GET TRIGGERED PEOPLE! It's my opinion and I don't blame Levi... Erwin's hot... BUT LEVI SHOULDN'T HAVE CHEATED STILL!!! EVEN WITH ERWIN'S HOT ASS!!! Poor Eren... T^T