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Christy Sparks By Christy_sparks27 Updated Nov 07, 2017

Living a completely normal life as a completely normal teenage girl. So you're living a normal life with your retarded friends and awesome mom when you receive a phone call which will alter your fate for the rest of your life. 

~The axis 
~The allies 
~A few of the Germanics
~A couple of more random countries


I do not owe any characters depicted in this fanfic. All hetalian characters belong to Himaruya. You belong to you.

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aph-ice aph-ice Jun 09, 2017
ok I would have maoe my sister eat the pasta if its poison or not
Trashy_Vargas-13 Trashy_Vargas-13 Mar 19, 2017
Ok .. im just gonna run to my bedroom and close my door and Windows ok? Ok.... *run bitch run*
Da_Bootyful_Potato Da_Bootyful_Potato Aug 22, 2017
                              I MUST KNOW OMG THIS IS AMAZING THEYRE SO NICE
-Ponk_kittycat- -Ponk_kittycat- Jan 03, 2017
Do you need to upgrade your binoculars, glasses, cameras and eyesight?
nerdyreader3114 nerdyreader3114 Jun 24, 2016
Me: Aww graze feli!~
                              *looks in fridge only to find nothing*
                              Me: Papyrus did you eat my pasta?
                              Papyrus: NEH HE HE!
RussiaWantsDatAss RussiaWantsDatAss Jan 03, 2017
I personally would have looked in the fridge then screamed and did all that other stuff