Game of Mates

Game of Mates

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Psykix By Psykix Updated May 06, 2016

The Games; once a year, unmated wolves that had hit maturity from various packs would gather in hopes of finding the other half that would complete them and then live happily ever after... at least, that's how it was for the males. 

For the she-wolves participating, it literally meant life or death; if none of the males present were a compatible mate, you could very well be executed in the arena for being 'defective'.

The Game of Mates was an archaic and barbaric way for wolves to find their other halves, at least that's how Alexandria and Danielle Cruise saw it after the death of their elder sister whom had been torn to pieces at the end of The Game. 

With a twist of fate and a dash of sass-there was no doubt that the twins would take this year's Game by storm-with Alexandria leading the helm and her sister at her side.

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Call_Me_Bird Call_Me_Bird Apr 24, 2017
This is so good, the book is well executed so far, it's not cheesy it's just a good book.
77gem77 77gem77 Jan 13, 2017
I love the the plot line so far and the blurb at the beginning had a nice hook. However, my only piece of advice is that the pace is a bit fast. Despite that, I really am enjoying the book and am excited to continue!
lanieloveshorses lanieloveshorses Jan 26, 2017
its like hunger games/ the testing/ the maze runner. its so good, but i agree it could be dragged out a little in the beginning. but its good!!