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A Painted World (Levi x Artist Reader)

A Painted World (Levi x Artist Reader)

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amberwolf89 By amberwolf89 Completed

___________Levi's POV___________
"Shorty!" A certain titan-obsessed woman shouted.
"Tch, what is it now, Shitty-glasses." I growl, as the insane woman barges through my door, holding what appears to be an old book.
"I found something, and I want you to test it out!" Shitty-glasses shouted.
"What is it now, I swear if it has to do with titans-" I was cut off by the damn woman.
"No, its not titans, unfortunately, but it is something even more amazing!" She says excitedly.
And that is?" I question.
"Just follow me!" She shouts, taking my arm, and dragging me to her office.
I look on the ground, only to find weird looking symbols that are in a circular manner.
"What the hell is this?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.
"I found this old book, it says something about summoning things, so I wanna try it out!" She exclaims.
"And, why do I have to be apart of this?" I ask as my patience is wearing thin.
"Well, in case I summon something dangerous, I need you to capture it, just in case." She says.
I g...

Lonnie2508 Lonnie2508 Jun 07
Anyone else filling all the empty spaces with eren? #ERERIFIRLIFE!!!!
G_money1234 G_money1234 Jun 05
Just wanna say that this is my fourth time rereading this book. That's how much I love it.
Freedom-Howl Freedom-Howl Nov 21, 2016
Idk why but I have been running around shouting "BREATH HAPPY MOTHER FUCKERS!!!" So shout it with ma
                              BREATH HAPPY MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!
Aleinstien Aleinstien Mar 06, 2016
Crazyfangirler Crazyfangirler Sep 07, 2016
Any one else think of Levi as a ninja when he didn't want to be seen or was it just me?
The_Graceful_Klutz The_Graceful_Klutz Oct 26, 2015
Omg, I love this so much! > u <
                              Off to a good start~
                              I'mma read more. c: