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RiverSong33 By RiverSong33 Completed

You never know the fear of falling until you fall, or the shame of tears until you cry, or to guard your heart until it's been broken. Desdemona Ezra, only child of the divorced couple Carrie and James, has been broken, again and again. Her father left her and her mom when she was just a kid, and life went on. But then he came back, in need of money and a place to stay, spouting lies of false love, daring to even pretend to care. When he left the second time, he left both Dess and Carrie broken and bleeding. Carrie needed stitches, and Dess was in a coma. When she awoke she was not the carefree girl she'd been before, and trust was not something she believed in. So she broke her boyfriend's heart before he could break her's, and was on her own, a completely different person. Then she met Nott, someone more like her than she could had possibly imagined. With a past as painful as hers, Nott steps into Dessie's life and turns it upside down. Her life had already been upside down, so Nott mended her bleeding heart and made her believe in love and trust. But it wasn't over yet, and when her past threatens her future and her barely healed heart, decisions must be made by all involved. Carrie is engaged, Dess is in love, and they are finally getting back on their feet when their love and faith are tested with reappearances of those once closest to their heart. Deceit, pain, longing, tears, lust, fear, love. Some lies are better of believed, and some doors are better off locked. Follow Dess, Nott, Carrie, Phil, and others through the fear, laughter, uncertainty, love, doubt, lust and friendship that, luckily or not, comes with being human.

crazy27 crazy27 Jan 05, 2011
hey u! update!!!!!!!! pleaase  yea thats my story guess what happend in school  it is amazing!!!
                              ............jk nothing happned 
RiverSong33 RiverSong33 Jan 04, 2011
@crazy27 i know and i have another fan too!!!!!1 yayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!!!
PamMosier PamMosier Jan 01, 2011
I like the way it starts. It creates interest and makes me want to know why Desdemona doesn't like her mom's boyfriend.
RiverSong33 RiverSong33 Oct 02, 2010
awesome, i'm so jealous! my best frined is turning 13 on the 18... what should i get him?
dneika dneika Oct 02, 2010
@LizzieParamore33 I saw them at the start of this year for a music festival called Soundwave, and I'm seeing them again on Sunday 17th October at Riverstage, Its a place in Brisbane Australia XD LOL
RiverSong33 RiverSong33 Oct 01, 2010
@XYukiXRainbowX Awesome I sa them in San Jose on sep. 17. Where are you seeing them?