Magcon sex slave

Magcon sex slave

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Genesis By _Magcon_Matt_ Updated 4 days ago

Carter's pov

"Okay boys. We've got some planning to do" I say clapping my hands 

"What are we planning for?" Taylor asks

"I've got a great idea" I pause and smirk "we can have our own sex slave. And I've already picked the girl out" I say

"Woah hold on. What?" Matt asks surprised 

"Sex slave. We can do whatever we want to her. Her name is Ryan" I reply

All the boys agree after a few lectures and we start planning

"Okay so this girls mom died two years ago and her dad is a drunk so it will be easy to get her here. She's real hot and has got the biggest ass" I empathize the ass part "and I've got our schedule for her."

I pull out a white board and start writing 

Sunday- off

"And if she misbehaves, she will be brutally punished" I smirk and lay down the marker

"Let's do this!" Cameron shouts

All the boys cheer and we give Ryan's dad a little greeting the next day 

Ryan's pov 

I'm sitting...

SenzosChild SenzosChild Apr 09
Aren't Canadians supposed to be good people? If so then how the hell did I get here?
cunts-r-us cunts-r-us Apr 15
Tbh I never liked carter even before the Maggie thing happened
cunts-r-us cunts-r-us Apr 15
Why would he tie her legs together that would make it harder and no one wants to deal with that
I'm imagining him doing that and he is sooo hot, wtf is wrong with me????
Back at it again with raping!
                              Sorry don't hate me
Zauymmmmmmmm mm wow WO wow the dad tho 1st they hit her in the back of the head with a vase then injure her daddy wooooo