Surviving Winter - Twenty One Pilots

Surviving Winter - Twenty One Pilots

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katie By j0shler Updated Aug 14

by j0shler

Tyler did not expect his experience at Eastbrooke Mental Hospital to be like this. He did not expect to meet teenagers sicker in the head than he was, yet be so full of life. He didn't even expect to make friends. But most of all, he did not expect to meet a girl that would changed his life forever, for good AND bad. Her name was Winter. 

This story mentions suicide, death, self-harm, eating disorders, anxiety, dissociation, and drugs. Read at your own risk.

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I'm barely through the second chapter and I'm loving this story. I really enjoy your writing style.
Hyperba Hyperba May 31
'who just made Tyler's pants tight'
                              is that-- is that referring to a boner?! if it is, oh my god! 10/10 description! xD
Just a question before I start reading. Have you all heard heathens??
I love the story so far!!!  It kind of reminds me of 'it's kind of a funny story'
HollyJaneM HollyJaneM Jun 24
I love the story you wrote (The Run and Go), it's not like any other typical fan fiction so I really enjoy them I was super excited when I found out you were writing another book (this one). Please keep writing them, they are amazing and I get lost for hours reading them. Stay Alive |-/. ily clique