You Belong To Yours Truly (A Diabolik Lover's Fan Fic)(Ayato x Reader)

You Belong To Yours Truly (A Diabolik Lover's Fan Fic)(Ayato x Reader)

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SoulEater_vampfan22 By SoulEater_vampfan22 Updated Nov 08, 2015

You were snooping around the Sakamaki mansion garden trying to find a place to stay dry from a rainstorm. Until you bumped into someone. His name was Ayato Sakamaki. He suddenly smiled at you then said "You belong to yours truly Now". At first you were happy to have been found by him but soon you realize that it was a terrible fate. Discovering that he was a vampire was just the half of it. Punishment comes if you disobey his orders or requests. Can you live through this or would you
kill him?

Ayato fans hope you enjoy. Soooo

Enjoy :D

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LunaMoon33 LunaMoon33 May 18, 2017
Oh really? Every thing I was thinking about was how kind of him? I didn't even think what a stranger with me alone in a big mansion could do? Am I that stupid? -_-
LunaMoon33 LunaMoon33 May 18, 2017
The heck with the he's so kind thing??didn't she think what a complete stranger (male specifically) alone with her in this mansion that she doesn't know could do?!?!? IS SHE THAT STUPID??!!??
KarinaTahchawwickah KarinaTahchawwickah Jul 01, 2017
Ayato:I can help u with ur cloths if u want
                              Me:Yes yes yes!!!!!
Asuna17Sakamaki Asuna17Sakamaki May 22, 2017
Dat MF vampire, I don't know if I love em or hate em, 
                              Love: handsome
                              I'm like what's up with dat
ChildishReaderr ChildishReaderr Dec 19, 2017
I mean its crazy "what" this escalated quickly "Thats what i was gonna say"
Yukrin Yukrin Nov 27, 2017
Hahaha good one. Ayato is anything BUT nice and generous! Just ask chichinasi she'll tell u the truth