It's Complicated

It's Complicated

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Eira By divergentpotterfan10 Updated Sep 19

I knew it had been happening, my two-year boyfriend had been cheating. 

When we first met, I wanted an open relationship, but as time went on he made me change my mind, I wanted to be able to go out with other men, but when he begged me, it turns out I was the loyal one. 

I'm a model. Most people classified me beautiful, one of those rares with dark brown hair and blue eyes. My best friend is a model as well, blond with blue eyes. We're inseperable.

I never liked relationships, I've always been one of the... one night stand women. I've been in a relationship once before, it was open, but then it wasn't, people expected me to be with him all the time. But I couldn't do it. From then on I sworn only open relationships. Or one night stands. I can't handle not being able to see other men, be with other men, I feel like I'm getting pushed the wrong way, towards children and marriage, not clubbing and partying like I like. Then he came into my life, he changed me, then he cheated. And I, ...

Well lady you got what you were asking for when you wanted an open relationship with that idiot boyfriend and you let him talk you out of it so that he could go I ut and cheat on you with someone that you probably know as well and it really hurt you so bad.
Lady what the heck is wrong with youand your lady friends. You all are not god's gift to men in general. The thing your are a loud  od crap cause uou all were vheated on. If you stopspreading your legs to every tom, dick or Harry you might can keep a steady boyfriend.