We Will Fly Away

We Will Fly Away

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fading By acescamander Updated Jul 19, 2016

When Jenna was six years old, she watched a boy leap off a building, sprout wings as he fell, then fly off into the distance. 

Her young mind embraced and believed the boy was real, but as she got older, she was teased more and more about "The Boy Who Can Fly."

Jenna will be forced to see therapist after therapist, counselor after counselor, all trying to break her belief in the flying boy. 

To avoid all of the ridicule from her family and her peers, she spends high school pretending to be "cured" from her wild imagination. 

Once she leaves for college, she intends never to tell anyone about the boy she saw that night, until it comes back to haunt her.

theemotionalpilots21 theemotionalpilots21 Oct 05, 2016
I haven't read this book yet, so imma start out good. SOMETIMES WE WILL DIIIIE AND SOMETIIMES WE WILL FLYYYY AWAAAAYYYYY
xTotallyNotAFangirlx xTotallyNotAFangirlx Sep 02, 2016
This child is the purest little cinnamon roll since Scorpius Malfoy
ttwentyonepilots ttwentyonepilots Oct 11, 2016
never bring that song up I will cry as much as I did last year + when my grandpa died
                              Trust me
                              That's a lot of crying.
Little_Bear112 Little_Bear112 Dec 04, 2016
Jersh durn Tyler why u gotta go and do that to your future wife
Used to play pretend give eachother different names we would build a rocketship and then we'd fly it far away used to dream of outerspace but now their laughing at our face saying Wake up you need to make.money yo
xTotallyNotAFangirlx xTotallyNotAFangirlx Sep 02, 2016