To Find Oneself (Book Two of IFHLS)

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It's been eleven days since Zane left. All he left was a note explaining how he needed time. Wasn't eleven days enough? I missed him so much.
    Zane is racing against time to find a cure to get rid of the darkness that is consuming Alexia. Will there be enough time to find it when he himself finds himself stuck in a sticky situation?
    Travis and Jessabelle goes on their own mission to take down the hunter's organization after finding more recruits who agree with their views. Will they be successful?
    Alexia and Lucas are struggling everyday to keep the darkness away from Alexia but it's taking a toll on her physical body. Will it break their relationship or will it make them stronger?
    Derek gets a nice surprise from his past. Amos is tied to it too. Will he be able to resist or will he fall all over again?
    In the sequel to "It's Funny How Love Starts," more action, surprises, and adventure lurks around so stay tuned and experience every character's own struggle as they go through the long journey to find themselves.
Hope you make a third book! And I promise you that u will go far in life you have a wonderful gift.
Thanks for writing the second book!!! I just now read the first one in a matter of hours , I couldn't put it down!!! This is AWESOME :)
Is there going to be a third book or this the last one ? Just wondering :)
@rebekahleemusic7 yeah well he did make exceptions with Lucas, Alexia and Zane so maybe he has some other friends that are weres
I like Travis and Zane's friendship. I love Zane!!!! I want him too find his mate... I wonder whats up with the darkness and why it still wants the elders... I dunno why but since the first book I never got a good vibe from them, now its even worse.
Hmmm that's interesting didn't think Travis's connection would be a werewolf