HER Young Mate

HER Young Mate

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Emily Anderson By EmilyUnedited Updated Sep 22

Coralie loves freedom. And she has always had it. Her mother died during child birth, birthing her and her twin brother Owen, and her father treated them like little adults because of it. He had always been firm, but fair, but always gave them the responsibilities and consequences of adults. Their pack was large, and she was so proud to be a part of it; she couldn't wait for the day that she could run their whole territory, from the sandy southern shores to the muddy forests of the North. Her and Owen accompanied their father, the Alpha, on many occasions, clinging to his fur as he ran through the moonlight, until both of them fell asleep in the early morning light. She couldn't wait to be part of it all first hand though, running, howling, flying over the ground, and most of all the freedom! There was only one part of the changing she wasn't ready for; having a mate. She wanted to avoid it at all costs, though it happened to most people the first few days, she wanted to be a rare case who never found one. She would not go looking for him, ever... but what happens when he finds her?

[Warning; this story deals with real life issues that may be triggering/inappropriate for young readers and/or readers who are sensitive to certain subjects. If you would like to know what subjects are involved before reading feel free to ask (so I don't have to spoil the story by giving anything away here)!]

[Also, if you're looking for some "new exciting idea", please realize a) that doesn't exist, every story is based off of other stories throughout history & b) this is openly labeled as a drama/melodrama, so some themes/situations may seem cliche, but this story is mine, & I can only write what I write. I will always try my best though! I do think this is one of the first/if not the first HER young mate story, which kind of puts a twist on things, so there's that!]

[Finally: if you become a reader I love you, you're awesome! Leave a comment & I'll reply! And thank you!]

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BluSnow25 BluSnow25 Apr 16
Awwwwwww so cute!😍 The wolf version as a car ride to fall asleep 😂
WildExotic WildExotic Mar 12, 2016
Thats actually kinda childish and disgusting. Like learn how to keep your mouth closed while eating.
EmilyUnedited EmilyUnedited Aug 30, 2015
@MBIAMfreak91 you're very welcome! Thank you for all the support (just started going through the notifications!) ! Will update tonight or tomorrow! Thanks again!!
EmilyUnedited EmilyUnedited Aug 29, 2015
@MBIAMfreak91 thank you so much! Will soon! Please check out my other works and thank you again!