Adopted by Cashton

Adopted by Cashton

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ally By Allena5SOS Updated May 11, 2016

"She's like one of us and it's really cool. We'll be like 'wanna play some footy' and she's like 'fuck yeah' or we'll be like 'wanna play some video games' and she'll have a controller in her hands already. It's amazing."

"She's also not afraid to like get her hands dirty and she'll listen to hip hop and stuff with us. She's honestly the best and we love her."

"I love you guys too."

_MiraLynn_ _MiraLynn_ Oct 22, 2016
Me. Actually me. It took my like a couple months to figure out what American Football was. YOU DONT USE YOUR FEET IN AMERICAN FOOTBALL. WHY CALL IT FOOTBALL. make sense pls
musicphanatic musicphanatic Sep 25, 2016
Same, but, I mean I listen to MCR and Gerard screams a bit but whatever I still love them
happypandaparty happypandaparty Dec 28, 2016
Ummm... I'm from Singapore and it's completely different from american or english systems.
BlinkMeAtTheDisco BlinkMeAtTheDisco Oct 24, 2016
I listen to ukulele screamo and the emo trinity. Also a lot of screamo/rock bands.... Then I like 5sos and 1d ..... Judge me but I don't care.
robyn_fallen_hope robyn_fallen_hope Oct 18, 2015
Here we go again. I'm slowly becoming obsessed with your stories