The Chronicles of Tamu: A Race Against Time *EDITING/DELETING PLOT HOLES*

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Tamu By TheLionPrideLioness Updated a year ago
"Knights!" I yelled over the din of clashing swords and pained screams of the enemy and of our Comrades. My Knights turned their Horses to me as Spirit reared up.
    "On me!" I ordered as they all raced to my side to make one last attempt to keep the Castle grounds under our control. We were outnumbered 3 to 1 but we charged the enemy regardless. My Knights and I were willing to lay down our lives to save the last few villagers that were running to the Castle. Before the enemy was upon us I looked once more to my Knights. I traded grim smiles with each of them. They knew then that they were my Brothers in Arms and that gave them new hope and courage that surged through their veins and shined brightly in their eyes.
    **Majorly editing because I don't like all these plot holes and what I wrote or because something doesn't fit right**
This is cool. I got confused,,,,, You called Tamu a guy twic.e O.o