Living In The Moment (HP Next Gen)

Living In The Moment (HP Next Gen)

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had to spend the rest of your Seventh Year with the boy you loathed most on this Earth? With your archenemy? (Yes, people have those, stop staring at me.)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be literally stuck to said archenemy? Did you ever think about how much your life would change, if you could never, ever be alone?

Would you go on a rampage? Would you go batshit crazy? Or - and Cassandra is making me say this - would you fall in love with that - and I quote - "hot piece of wizard ass"?

My archnemesis and the object of Cassandra's, that's my best friend by the way, wild fantasies is James Sirius Potter and that boy completely screwed up my life with the assistance of a pesky Slytherin and a ruined potion.

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AliceKatJackson AliceKatJackson Sep 03, 2016
That my friends is how a proper writer starts a story 
                              They go off on a tangent and then go oh yeah I'm telling a story 
                              Love it!