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My Five Husbands

My Five Husbands

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Demz5luv By Demz5luv Completed

I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had  done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pretty sure I had gotten drunk and the rest of the lot was hammered as well.
However, when I did come to my senses I realized I had four hot friends and a hot husband. Except, neither of us remembers which one of the jerk-faces here I married! For God's heavenly sake! I had just turned 18 a month ago and now I'm a mystery man's freaking wife!
This is so not cool...Matt is going to kill me..

- - Apr 10, 2016
I just have to say that I love this cover.  And this story seems great so far!!
macsmate80 macsmate80 Oct 02, 2012
You know the saying what happens in VEGAS stays in VEGAS, apparently that's not true!
daphne_d1999 daphne_d1999 Dec 26, 2011
I hope it's Tyson,  shearly because Ian Somerhalder plays him and he is HAWTER than the other four! MOST DEFINETELY, though the others are hot, but NO ONE COMPARES TO IAN 'SMOULDER'!!! =D
StrikingDust StrikingDust Nov 04, 2011
I AM SO GONNA BECOME YOUR FAN! keep up the awesome story! its really awesome! i love it <3
Lexi_Malfoy Lexi_Malfoy Oct 29, 2011
Love this already and I've only read the prologue! I like Carmen, and the way you've written it seems to be very realistic. I also like the imagery/description about  how she feels the morning after, and the bit about the guys body made me laugh<3
kinpachi kinpachi Oct 25, 2011
very interesting plot~
                              damn~ this couldnt get any better! 
                              a few fixes on some of the repeated vobulary range and youre good to go~ 
                              THIS KIND OF POTENTIAL DSERVES A VOTE! <3 *voted. <3