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floralbeauty By floralbeauty Updated Aug 28, 2015

His firm body came down hard against hers, causing her to lie flat on her back and look up at the powerful man atop her. He was God-like in the dim lighting of the room, a dark looming stature with solid arms holding her down as he examined all of her with a look of appreciation. His warm hands traced the bare sides of her body, sending shivers all through her. He releases the clasp at her back, and her breasts spilled out of the cups, his eager hands finding them quickly and caressing her deliciously. She closed her eyes, letting out a soft gasp and he took that opportunity to possess her mouth with his.
Layla has always treasured her independence, but what happens when she stirs up trouble for herself by getting in the middle of games and facing the consequences. Getting involved with a kidnapper is definitely not on her to-do list.

Warning: Strong language and sexual content. Do not continue if you are sensitive to any of the mentioned.

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RockiParis RockiParis Feb 26, 2016
I really like this story, but it's a little confusing when it changes who the storys talking about without any indication