The Inducer (18+ Only)

The Inducer (18+ Only)

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Chevy. By _hunnyy Updated Jan 27

Carlos Larves, he was the king of romancing (well in his head, he was). He knew how to trigger your self-control and he relished on your discomfort. He gave pleasure, the right amount of passion and if necessary there'd be just an ounce of pain. Carlos, he called himself the inducer.

And for him Tori was simple. He wanted her beyond compare that no one else would understand because she wasn't just one of his usual conquests but so much more. She was different and he wanted her to feel what he could do before anything else.

Tori Battes, she was a simple college student living in California who came from a small town in Tennessee. She needed a work when she decided she wanted to go on her own and when she finally got a work as a housekeeper, she didn't know she would be in the house of this so called "inducer" with a twist of an oblivious past history.

There was a secret behind Carlos that she didn't even know to begin with, it was something she would have to find out but not until Carlos fucked with her mental stability first.

Let's journey with them.

NB: this story is intended for audiences 18+ years or older, but if you think this story would stimulate you, go ahead.

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  • arguments
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  • pain
  • passion
  • pleasure
NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Sep 25, 2016
Wait from the sound of this she is dating someone named Joshua (happens to be one of my brothers names) and says they do foreplay but hasent had sex in 3 years?
Purple_imagination01 Purple_imagination01 Oct 24, 2016
Even the bible can't help you now 😂😂 instead of the bible you need holy water 😂
murielleroxs murielleroxs Sep 04, 2016
Aye, at least she knows, God got your back in any situation.