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Beyond the Boundary (Mikaela Hyakuya x reader)

Beyond the Boundary (Mikaela Hyakuya x reader)

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alice_hyakuya By alice_hyakuya Completed

(Last Name) (First Name) wakes up from a terrible nightmare, sweating a lot and panting heavily, her hands was shaking as the images of her hands full of her family's blood. Something moved beside her as it reveals a blonde man sitting up while looking at her "another nightmare??" the man questioned her in a sleepy tone. She just nod silently, looking up at the man, his blue orbs calms her down. The man slowly pulls her into a gentle yet securing hug "don't worry...I'm here" he whispered softly. The guy laid down so is she, using his chest as a pillow, hugging him "now...lets sleep..".

Later that night, (First Name) was waiting for that same guy on a rooftop. The door's knob slowly turns as a blonde guy walked in "'re late.." (First Name) said pouting.

*Mikaela Hyakuya's POV*

Looking at her (eye color) orbs makes me fall in love with her more. Her sweet voice is like a lullaby to me. He walks to her, tangling his hand with her soft (hair color) locks "sorry...Krul won't le...

1AngelTheArtist1 1AngelTheArtist1 5 days ago
Ya know, I'm not a Mika fangirl 
                              I'm a Yuu fangirl or Yoichi
Damn you....the krulty!! (LOLOLOL get it CRUELTY?? KRULTY?!? LMAO)
I loved it!💗 mika is more charismatic here than on the official manga..^^
anim_cm anim_cm May 14
THAT NOT MY MAMA KRUL I KNOW *starts crying* (krul is my fav female character of anime TBH )
Can you imagine if he just stood up and accidently humped  (name)
kenzie0-0 kenzie0-0 May 01
I can hear the screams of the fan girls saying mika is theirs xD