Everything is Dead - Ticci Toby x Reader

Everything is Dead - Ticci Toby x Reader

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Trash By WOLFxDarkSoul13 Completed

You were eight when your father Richard left. 2 years later you killed your mom. Now living in your parents house you dedicated your life to creepypasta and video games.
When you get mad your face turns pale white and disappears (and sometimes a tendrill or two appeared) like slender man that's why you dedicated your life to creepypasta.

You find out creepypasta is real and want to go talk to slenderman... Then it hit you pale, faceless, tendrill... YOURE SLENDERMAN'S DAUGHTER?!


*warning language*

((Updating at random))
(( I OWN NOTHING... Except for my OC WoodLand))

Emo_Wolfie Emo_Wolfie Aug 31
Did you make up the name? I'm still kinda new to creepypasta
Hi. I um in kinda like Toby I actually like him. But let me ask rhis, is it bad when you want to be yourself but can't because of all the judgemental people?
Hmm... Richard's nickname..
                              Oh dear Lord I'm cracking up right now XD
Fire whiskey is hot
                              Snape is prickly
                              And may I say 
                              Bloody hell that escalated quickly
The fathers name is freaking RICHARD and in the dictionary the nickname for Richard is dick I am laughing so hard right  now!!!!!!
Wait wait wait wait wait WAIT WAIT! Hold the phone just hold the phone for one second *hands chica from fnaf the phone* hold the damn phone! *chica taking selfies with phone in back round* *snickers* slederman's real name is Richard *busts out laughing* this is too good!!