Book of One Shots <3

Book of One Shots <3

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Kitty Panda and Kinky ;D By TheCookieMunchers Updated Aug 05, 2013

lbgqt one shots. this means girl x girl, boy x boy, girl x boy, and so on. if you do not like, do not read. 

to others here to read some nice one shots please enjoy!

contains: fluff, smut, and mixes of both.

NighttVic NighttVic Nov 08, 2016
Ok well there's the whole thing about wet clothes feeling unpleasant so there's that
MayLover333 MayLover333 Jan 23, 2015
It was really good! I love that they are best friends! You are a fantastic writer!!!
Kfmaus Kfmaus Aug 06, 2013
This not shit!!! It is AMZING!~ Just the way I like it hehege.. * holds out hand* Seconds Please!~
justahopelessblob justahopelessblob Jul 11, 2013
THIS IS NOT SHIT!!!! I shall use my mystical powers to make you write more!
TheCookieMunchers TheCookieMunchers Apr 11, 2013
@talker15099 sorrehhhh thanks for pointing it out! I'll go change it thanks! :3 -panda