Purple Guy X Male Reader

Purple Guy X Male Reader

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[Your pov]

"I don't think it's safe to rob that creep, Mr Clark's house." I asked. The boys chuckled. Kane grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me towards the back door. 

"It will be fine... " Tony groaned, picking the lock with a bobby pin, "But, I heard he had some expensive, fancy stuff. " Tony's eyes lit up as the lock clicked. He opened the door and walked in, followed by me, then Kane. Since I was the tallest, and the smartest, I had to deal with technology a person had in their house hold. I found a lap top and a tablet. We split up. 

Kane went into the living room, Tony went to the basement and I went upstairs. I never wanted to rob the purple creep's house. I hated it. Every step I took made me shiver. As I got upstairs I looked around. I opened the first door. 

A bed, TV, and a night stand with a phone on it. This seemed too casual for comfort. I went to go back down stairs and warn the other, but two set of purple arms grabbed my wrist. A tall man stared at me. 

"What ...

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ChiaraTheNeko ChiaraTheNeko Nov 04, 2017
I'm 13 but I'm very dirty minded so when he said that I know that I need to go because uhhhhh... My chair is burning in the oven??????
MatildaTheShipper MatildaTheShipper Jun 19, 2017
The forever yandere Purple guy that we all know and most likely have a massive crush on
ThatOneAwkwardChild ThatOneAwkwardChild Oct 27, 2017
Lolol yes save me Kanye.
Nightshade0821 Nightshade0821 Sep 01, 2017
When I hear/see the name Vincent I always end up thinking about Ciels father.
tacobugbug tacobugbug Jun 05, 2017
I got that feeling inside my bones  that I'm going to die inside his home
Theunitedbacon12 Theunitedbacon12 Oct 29, 2017
Red grapes do tend to have a tangy bite to them XD(when your trying to look photosynthesis)