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Royal7 By Royal7 Updated Dec 31, 2017

Qulsum Abi is going through a lot. Her step mother only favors Qulsum's step sisters and brother Worst part is they become great actors in front of her father.

Married off to a Rich controlling Disrespectful .Careless.
. And Possessive guy.She can't stand his presence and he can't stand hers.

  Most people say mother in laws are tough to be around but for her She sees her mother in law as her very own mother. Who welcomes her, cherish's her and cares for her.

     But Qulsum can see beyond that happiness she sees emptiness in her eyes and decides to take action to her mothers sadness. Bring a family together again. Maybe just maybe she  can get her jerk of a husband to take counselling.

  • family
  • happiness
  • hate
  • hijabi
  • islam
  • islamic
  • love
  • marriage
  • muslim
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  • spiritual
BreathPoetry BreathPoetry Mar 26, 2016
Oh my god!! I loveeee this book!! It seems very interesting and it's not at all boring!!!
C_elijah C_elijah Dec 01, 2016
What attracted me to read this story, is the title , I know it is not titled after me but some how I felt special, thanks for choosing such am amazing title for it ♡♡♡♡
pakeeza2 pakeeza2 Dec 08, 2015
I really  loved it, just they way  it is. it sounds very interesting. :D
nameuluv nameuluv Dec 05, 2015
Just start writing more chapters and people will give u feedback because this chapter was soo good there isn't any feedback back really needed so if u inshallah write more chapters then u might get more and more feedback . Thnxx
nameuluv nameuluv Dec 05, 2015
The chapter was really good  and please update it's been soo long
Queen_Sanaa Queen_Sanaa Oct 17, 2015
please could u update i need to know what will happen next!!!