Blank || Taekook

Blank || Taekook

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Jungkook doesn't know much about people. He's struggled trying to understand them all his life. He's an artist, and for some people, art pulls them closer to others, but for him, it hasn't had the same effect.

Suddenly, someone obliviously walks right into the quiet storm of a boy that he is, willing to help him be more open and find courage in himself. However, bright, silly, and outgoing against shy, detached, and gloomy, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook's personalities clash severely. Can someone like this really last in confused little Jungkook's life? 

And more importantly, if he does, will he truly be able to help Jungkook when he's so strikingly similar to someone who had ripped Taehyung's world apart in the past?

Began: 8/12/15
Finished: 7/28/16

baekshop baekshop Apr 22
when it's fluff af in the beginning and you sense the lemon juice slowly dripping onto ur freshly cut wounds. 
                              boi byeE
- - Jun 28
Angst is the reason why I'm deceased. The description is spot on
Reading for second time aah I love this fic SO MUCH ❤❤❤
Although angst isn't my style plot is good soooooooooo I'm gonna read, I'm kinda not ready for the crying I will be doing hahah
Sephirate Sephirate Feb 09
I hope I will have the courage of reading this ff one day XD I guess when I will be very depressed about my life... Yup, it should be very soon
I have a mental disorder. 
                              It's called being a Fangirl.