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Jesse By aviholics Updated 16 hours ago

The 16 year old Mitch is transgender and gets bullied in school. 18 year old Scott tries to help Mitch as much as possible.


"Dylan and his friends came up to me in the lunch break." Mitch said as fast as he could.

"What did they say to you?"

Mitch didn't want to think about it again. But, of course, he did.

You're ugly. 

Go to hell.

You'll look better when you're dead.

Please kill yourself.



He was crying now and it made it difficult to speak. "They told me to k-kill myself..."


Great! But quick question, are they actually saying 'omg' or 'oh my god'?
Why everybody hates math? Lmao it's like the best subject ever
Amandaqboo Amandaqboo 5 days ago
Im very Confused,is Mitch a guy thats turning into a girl or a girl that turned into a guy?
Amandaqboo Amandaqboo 5 days ago
I always feel so awkward read writing a time skip bc I usually say "Magical time skip"
I'm totally not eating pizza... shoot I got grease on the screen
Amandaqboo Amandaqboo 5 days ago
OMG,There is a Dylan in my school thats a total bish and I kinda hate him and I hate this Dylan too bc he is rude to Mitch so Dylan squared sucks