GOT7 & Seventeen Imagines [VERY SLOW UPDATES]

GOT7 & Seventeen Imagines [VERY SLOW UPDATES]

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Carat & IGOT7 By -infiresman- Updated Nov 27

To request, message me or comment :)

1. Pick the member & group

2. Fluff, Sad, Angst, Smut (I'm not good at this but I'll try lmao)

3. The name you want me to use 

4. The plot (Ex: confession, girl dies, girl cheats, boy breaks up with her, etc.)

Other than that, ENJOY^•^

haneulmija haneulmija Sep 19
Svt wonu
                              Angst sad ending plseu c;
                              Both of them are bookworm then one day they bumped into each other & for the ending the girl die bcs of choronic illness 
                              Thanks for this ^^
bobbylyeol bobbylyeol May 18
Seventeen Vernon
                              Name to use 'Dirke' (I know rare right?)
                              A fan that message Hansol everyday hoping he will notice her,then she came to korea to have a vacation then she ,er vernon then boom,it all up to you,author-nim if you'll end it there or continue.
                              Kamsamhamnida Author-nim saranghae😭
Seventeen S.Coups
                              Name to use Ella
                              Childhood friends and then girl confesses her feelings and then the boy confesses
                              Thank you :) if you cant make it i understand
And its a Smut 😃😃 Sorry for the cut message kamsa ❤❤
Seventeen Jeonghan
                              Name to use Analise 
                               Analise and Jeonghan are childhood friends and Analise had just recently broke up with her bf and Jeonghan helps her then asks her out 
                              Kamsamhamnida Author-nim Saranaghae