The Vampire (A Kuroko No Basuke Fan Fiction)

The Vampire (A Kuroko No Basuke Fan Fiction)

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Mido-chan By reverseharemlover001 Updated Jun 03, 2017

(L/N) (F/N), aka Kuroko (F/N) was a first string member. Not only that, she was a GOM too. She studied at Seirin to accompany her adoptive brother, Kuroko Tetsuya after coming back from America.  

Her abrupt departing left the GOMs heart in tatters. How would they react if they found out of her presence in Japan? 

She was called the vampire because of her ability. But there is something more in that nickname of hers... 

 I do not own Kuroko No Basuke or the pics!!! I only own my OC and some extra OCs. 
Do not copy my story!!!  I hate plagiarism!!! 
My English and grammar isn't so good so please forgive me!!! 
There would be some mature scenes between my OC and the players. I've warned you all... 

I hope you readers enjoy my story. You may criticize or give me ideas by commenting me or pm me. My update will be random because I'm a busy lady.

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Broken_Lost_Dying Broken_Lost_Dying Jul 12, 2017
Running around leaving scars~
                              Collecting your jar of hearts and tearing love apart
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I'm a volleyball player and is reading a basketball fanfic xD
I'm a duckasaurus and no race will stop me from puking rainbows.
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Imagine dragons-thunder
                              "Who do you think you are?Dreaming bout being a big star"
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Tetsu-Senpai you are cuter and our height can compare together
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But we're F cup, aren't we? Unless F cup stands for F*cking Flat