Hiccstrid: Love Me Or Hate Me?

Hiccstrid: Love Me Or Hate Me?

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Queen Skyler By XxPinkSkyxX2 Completed

Modern AU

She hates him.
He hates her.
He was never noticed by people.
She got noticed a lot.
Ten years later, tables have turned.
He was the school bad boy hottie.
She was the school joke.
She hates him.
Does he hate her?
Does she like him?
Does he love her?
Will she fall in love with him?
....or will she fall in love with someone else?

Hiccstrid Love me or Hate me? 


COMPLETED (and is being edited because there is so much grammar and writing mistakes)

Characters look like they are from Dragons: Race to the Edge

ShBlackEagle ShBlackEagle Nov 08, 2015
This is what happened to me years ago...trust me. It's too hard.:(