Hiccstrid: Love Me Or Hate Me?

Hiccstrid: Love Me Or Hate Me?

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Queen Skyler By XxPinkSkyxX2 Completed

{Hiccstrid Modern AU}

She hates him.
He hates her.
He was never noticed by people.
She got noticed a lot.
Ten years later, tables have turned.
He was the school bad boy hottie.
She was the school joke.
She hates him.
Does he hate her?
Does she like him?
Does he love her?
Will she fall in love with him?
....or will she fall in love with someone else?



■■(and is being edited because there is so much grammar and writing mistakes)■■

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KawaiiSilvy KawaiiSilvy Jul 31
"Bullied By Astrid" instead of byt :^
                              If you ever post on FanFiction.net a great thing to look into is a beta reader, they really help out with editing a story :^
KawaiiSilvy KawaiiSilvy Jul 31
"the Auburn haired boy" ??? You need to be specific on what your refering to, it sounds like he's completely Auburn from head to toe xD
Sorry if this offends anyone. But she deserves that she was a bitch for like 5 years
KawaiiSilvy KawaiiSilvy Jul 31
"then go Them" rather then thwm.
                              But the sentence still sound off, it would be better to say "then go Snotlout and Fishlegs", the sentence flows easier that way
Hello PinkSky! Welcome to the Dragonites! And the Hiccstrid family!
KawaiiSilvy KawaiiSilvy Jul 31
Since your open to helping g with corrections
                              I believe it's supposed to be "8 years old" rather then "8th years old" ^~^