Bad Girls

Bad Girls

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Admit it; we've all read at least one cliche teen fiction story before.

And the story always tells you that the good girl always, and I mean always, gets the bad boy. That for one, is never true. That is what they want you to believe. Now let me tell you, what is true.

What is true is that bad boys always go for the bad girls. Good girls intrigue them, yes, that much is true. But have you ever wondered why they almost always never work out? That is because those goody-two-shoes always seek out to change the guy, and in return, the bad boy will apparently also turn the good girl, well, bad. Let me just say that there is nothing such as a 'good girl'. I strongly believe that good girls are just bad girls that haven't been caught. *wink*

Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Avery Chase.

And I am proud to say:

I am a bad girl.


When Avery's boyfriend broke up with her to chase after a 'good girl', she felt absolutely devastated.  

Together with her best friends, old and new, they plot a plan of revenge. No one messes with a bad boy. 

And we all know that women are even crazier than men when it comes to revenge. 

No one messes with a bad girl.



Inspired by Disney's Maleficent and Paper Towns by John Green

Book 1 of the 'Just Girls' series.

If y'all don't like cliche-ish stories or hates changing mindsets cause you're close minded as fuck, please kindly not waste your time as well as mine and shuffle away thanks. I don't need any criticism when they are not constructive. 

Under major editing. 

Highest rank Teen Fiction : #3

Vanilla_Latte10 Vanilla_Latte10 3 days ago
I curse so much that when I'm pissed I swear in Spanish so...
littlechildwoman littlechildwoman 4 days ago
Podrías traducir el libro en español? Me lo recomendaron y me llama mucho la atención pero me es difícil entenderlo
myrah7460 myrah7460 6 days ago
I've read way too many to count. And to think I thought they were good at one point of my life😂😂
tiedyeuke tiedyeuke 3 days ago
im not the good girl but im also not the bad girl. im in between
dorowinter16 dorowinter16 15 hours ago
im on my second acc reading this again, for the fifth time and it's so goodd