Twisted Lovers(boyxgirlxboy)

Twisted Lovers(boyxgirlxboy)

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Kitty By Purrforme Updated Aug 01, 2017

Nicole likes Alexander.

Alexander likes Silas.

Silas likes Nicole, and Alexander.

What will happen to our 3 lovers?

Will they find what they've all been looking for or will their love crash, and burn?

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kira_queenie24 kira_queenie24 Jun 23, 2017
That was so hot and steamy my ice cream melted into a puddle
KeiariGarrett KeiariGarrett Apr 13, 2017
She is the reason why older generations hate us. They swear we all act like her.*direspectful*
crysta1m3th crysta1m3th Apr 24, 2016
This is one of the best smuts that I have ever read and that's saying A LOT
Trinnerbell Trinnerbell Jan 28, 2016
Three years and it never occured to her to simply talk to him? What?
Rebelprincess101 Rebelprincess101 Dec 22, 2016
Oh I don't know..... maybe because it was the dumbest thing ever 🤷🏽‍♀️
missy-cat missy-cat Apr 26, 2016
This douchebagary was caused by Mr. Michaels, yet really if you didn't be a little bitch about not getting to listen to your music everything would've been fine 
                              . . .this is why no one likes me.