Versus:Sequel To sex slave

Versus:Sequel To sex slave

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All I want is love and loyalty. Am I not worthy enought. I gave him my all and he makes it seem like I only give a portion. I love him but he doesn't love me back. 

"It hurts so bad"I cried harder letting my tears go on his shirt. He wrapped his arms around me. 

"I kno I kno I'm here for you"He said and I slightly belived him.

gl0bal_nayy gl0bal_nayy Apr 01
Well Mika don't have 3 kids to take care of ay the end of the day. Tbh all the things he just said shows how much of a dog he is and how much respect Mika has for herself.
She has kids what the hell your just selfish and only think of yourself
No Ameri is doing what she knows is write they say you can't turn a hoe into a house wife. Ammika is just gonna take your money and leave you while Ameri is out being happy
drfoot drfoot Apr 12
So what you are saying is.... Ameri is the perfect wife and mother and Ammika is the perfect slut
Cause she is mature and she takes care of YOUR 3 kids by herself
So basically you wanted a hoe instead of a fuckin real women🤔