Cheater's Love (boyxboy)

Cheater's Love (boyxboy)

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Solo By enferno07 Updated Jul 31, 2016

"Oh Magnus. Don't tell me lies to cover up your lies. I saw you and now I heard you! Don't tell me that I have it all wrong! You Cheater! I SAW you kiss Camille with my own eyes! And now you're telling her that you had FUN! I don't need anything more to know what's going on!" Alec was trying to block his tears. And I felt my heart clench.

"I'm sorry, Alec! I was drunk!" I winced, that was the worst thing that I could ever say right now.

"You know what Magnus? I'm leaving." Then I noticed that he had a duffle bag in his hand. How does he know? And so quickly too?

"Wait! No! Alexander!"

"Stop Magnus. Goodbye." And with that my angel walked out the front door.

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rimachan56 rimachan56 May 26, 2017
Honestly can't f****** judge him he was f****** drunk anyone was drunk will forget what happened the next day that's why you don't drink with the b**** but sadly he didn't know what was going to happen and it happened now he has to deal with boyfriend drama
Moonkitt Moonkitt May 30, 2016
Loving it so far! We never got enough Magnus and alec in mortal instruments. Yay!