||Gratsu|| Happy ever After?!

||Gratsu|| Happy ever After?!

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A/N: Hello, MINNA! Welcome to book 2 to Mateing season! This book takes place 12 years later. Akane is in 6th grade!! Yaaay~ Anyway, back to the story!!

*Natsu P.o.V*

12 Years ago I had a rough time but was finally rescued by my Prince, Gray Fullbuster.

Meeeh, I can't do it! I can't talk like that! Let me do this again! Ahem.

12 years ago I was ducking tortured by Jellal. Snow cone over thier saved my sorry ass. But, he is still a jerk! However, I can't complain. He is my boyfriend after all.

I was sitting on the couch reading a book by Steven King, Doctor Sleep. I'm not a big fan of books but they keep me occupied. Our little girl Akane was taking a shower while Gray was still asleep. It was only 6:30 A.M. 

My job is being, how Gray puts it, 'The sexy housewife'. Gray got a job as a waiter so he has been able to control his stripping habits. 

I groaned and lied down on the couch, It was freezing. 

Toady is December 15th. 10 days till Christmas. 2 month for Akane's birthday. 5 ...

MMLockser MMLockser Sep 13, 2017
THATS MY FU*KING FAVORITE BOOK!!!!! Steven King is a real King lmao
YuriLover7098 YuriLover7098 May 29, 2017
But does anybody remember that one episode where they were waiters and he still stripped? All he did was wear pants, and apron, and a bow tie around his neck. HE WAS STILL SHIRTLESS!!!
HannaZvhal HannaZvhal Nov 06, 2017
February 15? That's right after me and my bf's anniversary :P
Dorothy1600 Dorothy1600 Oct 04, 2017
Gimme, I need this shirt... For it is my favorite band °^°
thatrandomfanperson thatrandomfanperson Dec 29, 2017
Why December 15th...
                              My pepere died that day. WHY IS THIS SUCH A POPULAR DAY FOR FANFICTION?!