Camp Littlespace

Camp Littlespace

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Little Leah By daddyslittleharlot Completed

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

I jumped up and down on the bed excitedly while waving my phone in Daddy's face. His face revealed his confusion and before I could explain, I found myself jumping into his lap. 

"Ohhh, Daddy!" I wailed dramatically, "How much do you love me?" I batted my eyelashes at him, trying my best puppy eyes. Daddy rolled his eyes and took the phone out of my hand. His eyes scanned the website I had waiting for his attention. 

"A whole summer?" Daddy returned my puppy eyes. 

"You can see me on Saturdays! They have a day for Daddy's!" I reassured him, trying to resist the familiar urge to whine. 

"Are you sure this is legitimate? I don't want to pay $150 a week for it to end up being a scam." 

"You won't! Come onnn, Daddy. Please, please, pleaseeeeee."

He sighed and I sat beside him to fill out the form. I watched as Daddy wrinkled his nose at a section. "What?" I said, bumping Daddy in the head as I tried to get a closer look. 

"It's a permission slip to allow the ...

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Lonely_Though Lonely_Though Aug 20, 2017
I wouldn't be able to go... Not without daddy being there! It would be torture wihout daddy!
sugamintae sugamintae Apr 29, 2017
I tried to hide my smiles when i read this in public 😂(;ω;)
tbnrSteff tbnrSteff Mar 21
Dayum... if u wanna camp u can Rent a tent for 149.99 u save a whole 7 cents for the whole summer
xLukeHemmocx xLukeHemmocx Apr 16, 2017
These ppl wanna go^^ Like I'm an opposite of a little but I love these books 😂
Bascrexia Bascrexia Oct 06, 2016
I love this lots! It's so cute. I feel like when I read this I might slip into little space... In school.
Bbygirl174 Bbygirl174 May 16, 2016
*squeals with excitement* I wubs this!! Ohhh I wish this sort of thing existed for Littles!!