Body Movin' X Toy Soldier (Two Books In One) ON HOLD

Body Movin' X Toy Soldier (Two Books In One) ON HOLD

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  Robyn abruptly sat up in her bed as she heard her parents arguing again. "No! She is eighteen years old! She needs to be out of my house!" She heard her mother yell. She bit her lip knowing that they were indeed talking about her. "We can't just kick her out!" Her father shouted back. "I can and I will." Robyn always had a rough relationship with her mother. She heard hard footsteps coming closer to her door. Robyn had just graduated. Why is she kicking her out already?

      Robyn sat on the edge of her bed and waited. Her door slammed open and there stood her mother. "Pack your things." Robyn nodded slowly and stood up. She looked at the clock. 3:47 am. She frowned deeply and made her way to her closet. "I know about that boy..." Her mother trailed off. Robyn froze in the middle of packing her things. "W-what about him?" She asked. Her mom chuckled bitterly. "You've been having sex with him, sneaking out. I'm not dumb Robyn. If you want to act grown you can mov...

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CBwhatspoppin CBwhatspoppin Jan 08, 2016
This seems like this will be a good book. Did he or she stop writing it?
lovelysteph54 lovelysteph54 Sep 01, 2015
I licking your body touching on ur boots speaking another language.
                              girl I love when u get on ur knees u make me feel like magic
taylorc_ taylorc_ Aug 21, 2015
He too nice for me. I got a little ping in my heart whenever I read how he was acting with GiGi. Is she his main? Lol I want Robyn & Chris together.
SayWowBackwards SayWowBackwards Aug 19, 2015
I think he's a sweetheart. I hope he stays like that. Like he seems like one of those sweethearts who are sweet to woman and doesn't aim to hurt them but please them. And the fact that he wasn't being disrespectful when they were having intercourse. I can tell I hope he's like I'm thinking. ((((:
RiRiGoofy RiRiGoofy Aug 19, 2015
LOL I was listening to Get on your Knees by Nicki M. on Pandora
chrisbrownX chrisbrownX Aug 17, 2015
Ummm she's 18! You making it seem she 16 & having sex with the whole world