Forever Unfinished // Carl Grimes

Forever Unfinished // Carl Grimes

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|Book Two of the 'Forever' trilogy|
Sequel to 'Forever Alone // Carl Grimes.'

"Your journey will be hard. It will test the limits to your love for this girl. I can sense that you will discover yourself, you will learn new things and live life on the edge. 
Don't loose faith in her, what you find may not be what you seek."


Carl's world crashed down around him when he picked up the letter covered in black ink and broken promises. He is left with nothing but the shattered memories of the girl that left him because she believed that it would save them both in the end.

With Lauren gone, life seemed a little more dull. Nothing brought him excitement because she wasn't there to enjoy it with him. Carl is left chasing after the breadcrumbs that Lauren left behind on her trail to find herself. After all, he would gamble with his life if she held the cards.

One long journey and one million possible problems.

But after everything he has gone through, will he find what he was looking for?


"That's what they say about soulmates, that their hearts beat together. Carl knew that if her heart stopped beating, his would too."


Completed : 17th April 2016

- Forever Alone, Forever Unfinished, Forever Broken -

~ Contains violence~

All the characters are of the Walking Dead cast and a few of my own. All their rights and settings used go to the Walking Dead team. I do not follow the storyline but some settings and character plots may be used.

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AmIaSoCiOpAtH AmIaSoCiOpAtH Sep 22, 2017
Grenade came on by bruno mars. Really?!?! Grenade?!?! Why? Why this song?? I'm close to tears now😰😭😭
t-temply t-temply Aug 07, 2017
When I read the description I started making whale noises and I was about to cry
t-temply t-temply Aug 07, 2017
                              WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT SO EMOTIONAL😭😭😭😭😭
t-temply t-temply Aug 07, 2017
Wait I just noticed where was Rosita,Abraham,Tara and Eugene in the last book?
AmIaSoCiOpAtH AmIaSoCiOpAtH Sep 22, 2017
NOOOO!!! It will rain by bruno mars is playing now. WHHHHHHY?!?!?! I'm full blown crying now😭😭😭😭😭😭😭