Sandman - A Val Bosanquet Mystery

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AJ Davidson By ajdavidson Updated 2 years ago
Va Bosanquet goes head to head with the Department of Homeland Security in Sandman. Three men and a female DHS agent are murdered on a Sunday afternoon. The lack of any obvious motive convinces Val to start digging into the brutal slaying despite repeated warnings to leave the investigation to the DHS. Val uncovers a terrorist plot to attack shale gas well heads all across Louisiana. However, he is troubled by the certitude of the Federal authorities and begins to question the evidence he has gathered.
You are outstanding as a storyteller. You are characters are believable and where 
                                    you intend it to be so, likeable. 
                                    Please do write a lot more.
have also started reading sandman but didn't get far before it stopped if you could email me updates of that too it would be great. you can get my email from the post i put on the other book cheers. i intend to post my own book soon so would like to hear your thoughts on it.
Just got a chance to read the preview, great job once again. Please let me know when you publish. I can't wait to read the rest.