Ninjago Jole :Love On Halloween

Ninjago Jole :Love On Halloween

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-Jays Pov-

  Today was Halloween we were all gonna go to a Halloween theme carnival that was down town. We were all going to wear costumes.

  Lloyd was going to be a dragon. Kai was going to be a vampire. Zane was already a robot so he didn't need a costume. Pixal was going to be a witch. Skylor was going to come too, she was going to dress as a tiger. Nya was going to be a 'cute evil' and I didn't know what Cole was going to be. 

   I was going to be a cat I had a headband with blue cat ears attached to it. While I was changing and getting my headband on I heard a knock on the door.

  "Come in." 

  Cole entered he was wearing a black sweater and he had horns on his head. I think he was dressed as a bull. "Whoa Jay you look nice," Cole said. I blushed, I had always liked Cole I just didn't think he had the same feeling for me even though we hang out I think he thinks we're just friends. 

   "Thanks," I said. "You look nice too."

  He started blushing and said, "Are you ready cuz...

Kai would be a very sexy vampire... According to  the heilorei version and May's Version of Kai....
Aw I the only one who thought of when Shaggy gets scared and jumps into Scooby arms?!
DJNightmare DJNightmare Aug 14
If someone tried to scare me in a haunted house I probably would've kicked him in the face...😐
Seriously Zane. Great job... You KILLED THE FÛCKIN POINT OF A HAUNTED HOUSE!!!!
I remember the time when I went to a haunted house. There was loud music playing with retarded teens trying to jumpscare my father and I. To this day, I swear to god I didn't flinch at all that night.
Lloyd... *facepalm* seriously… A fûckin Ferris wheel!? Outta all possible things to do! Maybe bang Kai in an empty tent. (Please excuse my dirty mind I've been up all night... Not in that way 🖕🏻)