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A Jily FanFic✔

A Jily FanFic✔

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Haley Rogers By mortalinstruments12 Completed

This is a Lily and James fanfic!

James and Lily Potter the parents of the all famous chosen one-Harry Potter! But. . . how did they fall in love?

Ella. SQUID. YOU'RE IN THIS STORY!!!! @jellybean151  and @AlexisSutton7  will understand this inside joke.
So a girl called lily has a bestie called Alexis. Hmmmm sound familer @AlexisSutton7 ?
EmojiMay EmojiMay Nov 17, 2016
                              Shoulder length dirty-blonde curly hair with natural golden highlights, hazel eyes, very pale skin
                              Nice to Lily
                              Nice to James
                              Friendly to Sirius Black
                              Is mostly outgoing and friendly, can be stubborn and doesn't boast about accomplishments.
potterheadsunite7 potterheadsunite7 Nov 11, 2016
                              Also 7th year
                              Looks: Wavy chestnut hair, blue eyes
                              Likes James, Likes Lily
                              Crush on Sirius 
                              Very daring, also fairly intelligent
vickynutcase vickynutcase Aug 26, 2016
Also it's rumoured her car is Crooshanks and i think JK confirmed? I don't know pls don't hold me to it XD
DraganaAkovic DraganaAkovic May 25, 2016
Dragana,16,Griffyndor or Hufflepuff,Honeyblond hair,green and a green-brown eye