Impossible | Luke Hemmings Fanfic

Impossible | Luke Hemmings Fanfic

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janoskians_5sos By janoskians_5sos Updated Jan 31, 2014

Their love was like none other.

Never could she imagined to fall in love with a guy like him, and never would he have imagines to fall in love with an overly-delressed girl like her.

But that's what brought them together; that's what made them one of the world's most iconic yet unrecognised couples.

duhh_emma duhh_emma May 27
So I read this last year and it was my first and favorite fanfic and I have been looking for it and I found it I litteraly cried
Hey hey hey... I like Coco puffs at 4pm it makes it taste better lol I had Mac and cheese for breakfast today
paper_thin_mind paper_thin_mind Aug 16, 2016
No, but it's a comment from a hot guy
                              What's the difference?
ridemehemmings ridemehemmings Jun 07, 2016
DAMN it my names Jordyn but my nick name is jordy and my bff's mums ex boyfriend names Jordy but then my bff's nick name is jay....?
KawaiiQuinn KawaiiQuinn Feb 17, 2016
You can set yourself on fire, but you're never gonna burn burn burn :D
3hunnaskrt 3hunnaskrt Mar 24, 2016
Okay but goals tho?! If I posted a cover and he saw it, I'd get like "at least you tried....😁 - hemmo1996"