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Escapade - Larry Stylinson

Escapade - Larry Stylinson

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LH Nameless. By LHNameless Completed

Everybody knows the name, everybody has seen the pink and purple locks, but only a small seventeen year old in a Burberry coat, has ever received a note from London's most wanted Murderer..
AU where Louis is one of the richest seventeen year olds in London. Liam, his older brother, has to escort him and Niall around school because of bullies. Well, at least he did anyway.. Until Mr. Styles came to town..
Part I of II from the Series. Part II is called 'Death List.' and is available on my profile.

Is this the sAme escapade on ao3?? Orrr like another escapade
I kinda want to do that thing with paint tho like its kinda cool
Hey fxckers, crawl back to whatever hole you came from, cockroaches aren't allowed here
okay but you are talking to his brother? no sibling in their right mind would be like " ha totally bro tonight?" like tf
ohnosquad1d ohnosquad1d a day ago
I see all these comments of how their parents would hit them if they said this and I'm here like "can't relate"
I sleep on top on my sheets simply so I don't have to make my bed..