Megatron's Daughter  (A Transformers Prime Love Story) *FINISHED*

Megatron's Daughter (A Transformers Prime Love Story) *FINISHED*

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Kyrrah Dariano By KyrrahDariano Updated Mar 28, 2016

Megatron is leader of the decepticons, along with the father of Wildstrike. Even though she looks just like her father, but smaller, she doesn't act like him. She is more energetic, unless she is in battle. She likes to joke around a lot. But when she goes to battle with the Autobots she is captured. She doesn't like it at all, but that is until she starts to grow feelings for Optimus, the Autobot's leader. What will her father think of her new friend?

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                              *remembers i like Optimus too* 
                              GET ON OPTIMUS
_F_Life_ _F_Life_ Dec 01, 2016
Me:Knockout he's going to scratch your paint!
                              *Optimus scratches his paint* 
                              Knockout: FRAG!
Hail_Lord_Megatron Hail_Lord_Megatron Feb 07, 2016
Being that she is Decepticon, she could have flung Arcee infront of her as a sheild and made it hard for Optimua tp shoot her. Just a readers perspective
BloodPoisoning BloodPoisoning Sep 23, 2016
Megatron: *stops battling and points at WildStrike* LANGUAGE!!
                              Me: CUT!!!
                              WildStrike: really dad?
                              Optimus: dad????
                              Megatron: yes really. I know that I say it but you can't!
                              WildStrike: but-
                              Me: BUTTS ARE FOR POOPING!!!!
                              Everyone but me: ......
                              Me: carry on...
SunsetMagyk SunsetMagyk Jul 02, 2016
Random Person: What's your name?
                              Me: Sunset.
                              Random Person: Nice name!
                              Me: Thanks! I got it for my birthday. ;P
BloodPoisoning BloodPoisoning Sep 23, 2016
Me: because off lining sucks. No connection no wifi-
                              Megatron: what does this have to do with any of this?
                              Me: because wifi
                              Knockout: ok then...