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HetaOni: Chance (HetaOni x reader)

HetaOni: Chance (HetaOni x reader)

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WhiteLion_Angel By WhiteLion_Angel Updated Dec 01, 2016

'YoU wAnT tO sAvE tHeM dOn'T yOu?'
  "O-Of course I d-do" I look down sadly "N-No one s-sh-should have t-to go t-through t-t-that kind of t-t-t-torture."
  'WhAt If I tOlD yOu ThAt I cOuLd TaKe YoU tHeRe, AnD tHaT yOu CoUlD sAvE tHeM?'
  "M-Me? Save them? How could I do that?"
  Hetalia, HetaOni, and any artwork do not belong to me.

- - Jan 24
Hmmm, I don't know if I trust some words on my screen telling me this....... ((Eating le sausage causally.) But okay, why not.
PicklesThatsWhat PicklesThatsWhat Dec 06, 2016
Well Imma just go ride the Nope Train all the way to Fuckthisville.
- - Jul 30, 2016
*sobs* ITA-CHAN, DONT CHU WORRY MY SMOL. . . TOL CHILD *left hand salute*
- - Jan 24
NU DON'T GO IN DERE!! ((Faceplants behind the bush)) PLZ! ME AND MEH DERPY SELF BEG YOU NOT TO!!
- - Jul 30, 2016
Me: *packs things* Oh, hi!
                              ?: WhAt ARe YOu DOiNg?
                              Me: *innocently giggles* IM PACKING MY THINGS AND GOING ON THE NOPE TRAIN HEADING TO NOPELAND! BUH-BYE!
Nova_Star_Novels Nova_Star_Novels Jun 16, 2016
Me: Whale, fourth wall, it's been nice knowin' ya'. See you tommorow to watch you be destroyed again.
                               Fourth Wall: See you at work *tips hat and walks away*