Night Of Knives

Night Of Knives

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Jon Evans By JonEvans Completed

Veronica Kelly came to Africa to start her life over. Still reeling from her divorce, she is grateful when a handsome stranger invites her to join a tour to visit gorillas in Uganda's wild Impenetrable Forest. A trip that goes desperately wrong when their group is captured by brutal gunmen. 

Then one tourist is executed. 

And then another. 

This is no random kidnapping: their abduction is only the first move in a deadly strategic game. A game in which Veronica's ex-husband is somehow involved. 

Now she must embark on a wild journey across Africa, to unveil a malignant conspiracy before it consumes entire nations - and thousands of lives...

About the Author

Jon Evans's novels have been published around the world, translated into half a dozen languages, and praised by The Economist, The Times of London, and the Washington Post. His journalism has appeared in Wired, Reader’s Digest, The Guardian, The Globe & Mail, and The Times of India, and he writes a weekly column for TechCrunch. He can be found online at

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dhullypizzle dhullypizzle Nov 17, 2017
                              Pls check it out and drop your comments and feedbacks there, thanks
mndk15 mndk15 May 21, 2013
this book has a lot of action and its sort of like my book called in the heart of war. ive heard from many ppl that its very good
ShiloRose ShiloRose May 07, 2013
Hey could you please read my story jailed I'm new and I would like someone to tell me if I'm doing anything wrong its called Jailed please read
alex2288 alex2288 Apr 11, 2013
Good story! Mind checking mine out? Not sure if i am going to continue and need peoples opinion. So tell me what you think in the comments?
Lollipopfop Lollipopfop Apr 07, 2013
Are you actually male? The writing sort of makes me think of a female writer somehow, and I know that people do have pen names and identities.
Lollipopfop Lollipopfop Apr 07, 2013
I can't really get past the first paragraph, but I think you should change Susan's name to Betty. Then you could have an Archies in Africa episode.