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abused, rejected and revenge

abused, rejected and revenge

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ishika By Queem_of_sarcasm325 Updated Dec 23, 2016

"I Daniel Craig Alpha of the blue moon stone pack reject you Riley summer of the blue moon stone pack  as my mate "  my mate said to me .my one and only soul mate said it to me the on who was supposed to be with me the rest of my life and look after me with love and respect but guess what he rejected but that's all it took for me to go over the edge i ran out of school crying that's the at time i saw them all 

Riley summers was abused by he pack from the time she was 8 .everyone thought she killed her parents after she found them dead in her house .her own brother even abused her .But Riley is a werewolve but not just any werewolve she is a hybrid half witch half werewolve no one knows not even her own brother  she can   kill everyone that hurt and abused her but when her mate rejects her she can't take no  more and she runs away only to be found by another pack learning to fight . but she has to go back to her old pack but will she forgive them or will their be love war

So far, I'm enjoying this book. But I noticed that your book is lacking punctuation, spelling and (some) capitalised letters. I suggest that you find someone (or you can do it yourself) to edit your book as soon as possible for the benefit of your readers. 
                              Hoping this book will be adited soon! :)
cherrypopsoda_ cherrypopsoda_ Apr 03, 2016
I have the perfect song lyric for this part.... "I don't wanna live in a world without youuuu."
winnieistired winnieistired Nov 05, 2016
I like the book a lot so far, but you should probably proofread before you publish and fix any CUPS mistakes. Punctuation, and capitalize 'I'!
LycahLim LycahLim Jan 10
Wtf happened to the other story???!! Is this another story?! Wtf
cherrypopsoda_ cherrypopsoda_ Sep 02, 2015
Awesome! Hope you plan of updating soon, this is so interesting. It sounds so interesting to half witch and werewolf. 
                              P.s If  you don't update, then your tippex is going to Dhiren. lol :)