Being Cassidy

Being Cassidy

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xxJulietxx By xxJulietxx Updated Jul 24, 2015

"I would describe myself as dangerous, but not in a criminal way."

Cassidy Jones is not the type of person you would assume was rich at first glance. She is the epitome of someone with a big heart and considers every outcast a friend.

At Desden High School, history is re-written as she defends not only herself, but fights for what is right and shuns the wrong. Forget a girl who is afraid of spiders or flying cockroaches, because this girl can even handle a boy ten times her size.

Cassidy's tendency to be protective is exactly what gets her in trouble with the principal when he catches her fighting the most popular group in school, and they are all sentenced to be disciplined together. So, to make the best out of this horrible punishment, she decides to teach those populars a lesson, and that is that you should never judge a book by its cover.

This is what it's like being Cassidy.

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IcyMarshmellows IcyMarshmellows May 21, 2017
Lemme list off the cassidy-themed nicknames i have recieved over time:
                              -and the worst, assidy
IcyMarshmellows IcyMarshmellows May 21, 2017
Before i read this, i want yall to know my name is Cassidy. And this is weird as hell.
Dashavu123 Dashavu123 Aug 22, 2016
"Partners in crime we'll take on the world together I'm Bonnie u can be Clyde"- Outlaws, Alessia Cara
johnschorwinson johnschorwinson Aug 17, 2015
First ov’all, the word ‘guys’ was mentioned countless. Try to remove them or replace some with another word. And heeeyyy!  I love the humor in this chapter! I think I’m going to love this story! I am looking forward for more!
johnschorwinson johnschorwinson Aug 17, 2015
I like this. Good start and I’m excited to know more about their school and Cassidy! ^^
cynical-romantic cynical-romantic Aug 14, 2015
This story is so good and Cassidy is amazing, I can't wait to read more soon! :)