Jacket Girl

Jacket Girl

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jazzycakes. By tbhprincess Updated Jun 11, 2017

"Your mistakes doesn't define you, making mistakes doesn't mean you're a failure. Everybody makes mistakes, we all have our struggles, and even regret things we might have done in the past.  You should know your identity or others will define it for you."

I lifted my head to look up to see him leaning against a table at the empty classroom I was in, he kicked off the wall and started to take large strides towards me, I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest, faster and faster, with every step he took towards me, his hands were placed casually in the pocket of his jeans as he made his way to me, within seconds he was towering right over me.

"How would you define my identity?"

I lifted my head to look him in the eye, searching for a kind of answer to my question, the end of his lip turned up slightly, a smug smirk placed onto his face as he opened his mouth.

"Simple, Jacket Girl."


Skylar Bree has constantly been wearing her jacket since the fourth grade of elementary school, she doesn't open up easily to friends, let alone acquaintances , but what is it about this boy that makes her tell all her deepest darkest secrets to him that she couldn't even admit to herself? 

Lucas Alexander is the School Residential Heartthrob, girls within a mile swoon for him, maybe it was his skater boy outlook, or how he intimidates all the other guys without even trying. What happens when he takes a sudden interest in a girl that seems to be disliked by more than half of the school population?

This isn't a roller coaster ride, it's a ferris wheel, it isn't about how fast you go, it's about getting over your fears and then enjoying the view, but what goes up must come down.

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