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Rena Freefall By RenaFreefall Completed

I'm Brilliance. I'm Gifted. I'm Phenomenal.


Clarissa has a new neighbour. He's charming - in that Irish way (even if his name is French). 

She's only thinking in terms of being 'a good neighbour' and a friend, of course. She has a boyfriend who she loves - even if her roommate DESPISES him. (He's really not so bad.)

But as friends, she and her neighbour might just work. 

Especially when he comes home one night looking like he'd fought a frying pan and lost, and she ends up patching him up. Not that he'll tell her what happened. He just dismisses it, brushes it off and changes the topic. 

And then it happens again. 

And again. 

What the heck is he involved with? He says it's not illegal. His brother says that he's special. And Clarissa knows he's lost him somewhere along the way. 

But in what way has he lost himself? And can she help get him back on the right track? And in doing so, maybe she'll admit that she's also a little lost and needs help finding her feet again.

~~~ Phenomenal (Love and Other Catastrophes Book 1) ~~~

Please note:
Mild Language 

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AndysWillowTree AndysWillowTree Apr 13, 2017
I know a pair of triplets and I swear two of them are really just the same person while the other is just a cousin or something.
AndysWillowTree AndysWillowTree Apr 13, 2017
So in other words, either the really sketchy guy, or the guy who stops four lanes of traffic for a kitten.
CidSquid CidSquid Nov 30, 2017
I love this book so much. Read it so many times yet still clamping my hand over my nose and mouth so I don’t snort in the middle of seminar.