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annonymous By wickedwitch321 Updated Jun 03, 2017

Alex kimber knew she had no choice, she had to marry Alexander Black, the king of all werewolves and unfortunately.... her younger sister's one true mate.

 One of the happiest days of Alex Kimber's life turns into the worst day of her life when her younger sister is brutally murdered on her own wedding day. 'nothing could make this day worse'  was what Alex thought but when she finds out that she had to marry Alexander  Black, her already broken world shattered.

Alexander Black was your typical rich player with a twist, he was the king of all werewolves. But his all so typical ways changed the day he met his mate, Sasha Kimber.  He was as happy as he could be, he was about to be crowned king and he was about to marry the love of his life. But on the fateful day of their wedding, she was viciously ripped away from him and he was  ensnared into a burdensome relationship. 

There was no was no way these two could end up together, with each passing day their hatred only grew for one another but with the growing hate, could something else also make it's way into their hearts?

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Kiran-S Kiran-S Dec 21, 2016
It's kind of funny they both have similar names and what will Alex do when her mate comes along.
trumpet_is_the_best trumpet_is_the_best Oct 14, 2015
that's a good chapter, I love all the action that's happening
AlsKals AlsKals Oct 14, 2015
actually i think alexander is allowed to act like that because his bloody mate just died @lolzzzreadirty
lolzzzreadirty lolzzzreadirty Oct 14, 2015
really enjoyed it  but i personally think Alexander is acting like a jerk
TheGreat0o TheGreat0o Oct 11, 2015
I really loved the ending of this chapter. Brilliant job done just love it