Robin's Shadow (Young Justice Fanfic)

Robin's Shadow (Young Justice Fanfic)

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After witnessing the murders of both her mother and best friend, River Moore's life hasn't been the greatest; Since the age of ten, River had lived on the streets of Gotham. Battling thugs and moral choices became part of her daily routine. But one day, the young vigilante is confronted by the Dark Knight, whom forces her to join a young group of heroes by the name of "The Team". There River takes the alias, Shadow, and makes an enemy in the group of sidekicks - Batman's very own protoshé, Robin. It becomes pretty clear that the two heroes don't get along very well. But what about their alter egos? Things soon take a dark turn for River when discovers the dangerous truth about her seemingly forgot past. How far will she go to keep her skeletons in the closet? Or when a certain bird begins to creep into her thoughts?


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Miranda393 Miranda393 Jan 27
Ok... just pointing out that if you saw this happening and didn't know who Batman is you'd probably think he's either kidnapping or raping her
ErrorNoUsernameFound ErrorNoUsernameFound Sep 29, 2017
Hello, I come from MatPat 'Robin is The Joker' theories so I'm already scared about what's going to happen.
Ely_0111 Ely_0111 Aug 04, 2017
I don't know... this may be the UNcringiest book I've ever read..
akraylingstar akraylingstar Jul 16, 2017
Seriously Joker recruiting new goons?
                              THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!
Why why why why why. Why would he do this to a girl he is so not a gentleman
Wait so her name is River Moore. And backwards Moore River which is a place in Australia